Rouge Pirate Hat $79.50    $10.00
Stone Lashes $12.50    $10.00
Peacock Shoe Accessory $24.50    $10.00
Chastity Wig $49.50    $10.00
Wolf Claw Gloves $34.50    $10.00
Gold Leaf Boot Cover $24.50    $10.00
Natural Eyelashes $7.50    $10.00
Pop Star Eyes $19.50    $10.00
Happy Kitty Hood $49.50    $10.00
Happy Kitty Legwarmers $49.50    $10.00
Villain Eyes $39.50    $10.00
Adult accessories bring a Halloween costume to life! Don’t have everyone guessing what you’re dressed as. Strut your stuff in your women’s costume while leaving little to the imagination. is the place to shop for your adult Halloween costumes, and now we have the perfect costume wings, costume wigs, costume shoes and costume stockings to complement your adult Halloween costume. ~ Our adult costume accessories department is full of just the right items to complete your sexy costume.

Costume Accessories